The history of Greenfield Funeral Chapel dates back to the year 1924 when Jim and Claudia Ward established J.W. Ward-Variety and Undertaking on the southwest corner of the Greenfield City Square. The couple purchased the Sloan House at 61 N. Allison St., and remodeled it along with the carriage house for their automobiles. In 1931, the couple moved their undertaking business to the present location and changing the name to J.W. Ward Funeral Service. The home was originally built for the Dr. Lingar family in the late 1800's.


In 1942, the business was sold to Rollins Knott and Sam Senseney. Sam Senseney and his wife Goldena later purchased the entire business changing the name of the funeral home to Senseney Funeral Home.

The Senseney Funeral Home was purchased by Jack and Bette Canada in 1949 becoming Canada Funeral Home. In 1955, they began remodeling the funeral home along with constructing a chapel. The couple also provided the ambulance service for the area.


In 1977, Larry and Linda Russell purchased the business. The Russells, who already owned and operated the Allison Funeral Home on College St. in Greenfield, combined the two businesses at the Canada Funeral Home location. They changed the name to Russell Funeral Home. They also previously owned the Allison Funeral Home in Lockwood also renaming it to Russell Funeral Home.


Mark and Robbin White purchased the funeral homes on January 1, 1984. They renamed the funeral home in Greenfield to Greenfield Funeral Chapel, and the location in Lockwood to Lockwood Funeral Chapel. Their son, A.J., grew up in the family business and worked along the side of his parents.  In June of 2021, Mark passed away and A.J. continues to own and operate the funeral homes offering many types of services, merchandise, prearrangement plans, and monuments.

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